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Finnish company Good Credit entered the Czech in 2007 as the first provider of short-term loans before payout. Newly, Good Credit also offers a Good Credit Business loan for entrepreneurs.

The company even has its own website for this loan. It is a separate product, which differs significantly from the other loans of this company and in a way actually distances itself a bit.

Good Credit Business offers a business expansion loan of up to USD 1.3 million with a maturity of up to 18 months.

The company’s approach to this loan is similar to all others

The company

Good Credit is also trying to avoid excessive paperwork and unnecessary formalities, even for business loans.

This allows you to easily apply for a loan online in a few minutes, directly on the business loan website and find out if Good Credit will lend you how much and under what conditions.

It is up to the entrepreneur applying for a business loan to decide whether he is interested in the loan under the offered conditions.

Application for a Good Credit Business loan

Unlike a classic application for a Good Credit loan, when applying for a Good Credit Business for Entrepreneurs, you will fill in information about your company.

You’ll need your company email and phone for the first time, then all the other information about your company from where it’s located or its legal form.

The questionnaire will also ask you about the business period, branch, purpose of the loan and of course your monthly turnover, company ID and company account number.

The next part of the questionnaire will ask for your personal information and then you can go to the summary and wait for the offer Good Credit will give you based on the information you entered.

Who can get everything Good Credit Business?

Who can get everything Good Credit Business?

The Good Credit Business loan is intended for companies based in the Czech Republic that have been operating for more than 12 months.

However, not only the company must have its registered office in the Czech Republic. Also, all owners of your company must have a permanent address in the Czech Republic.

The company must also have its own business account.

What can Good Credit Business be used for?

Good Credit Business is a loan ideal for expanding your existing business.

Whether you are planning to hire new employees or move to new premises, Good Credit is here for you. Do you want to buy new, more modern equipment? This loan will also help you with entrepreneurs.

In addition to the loan itself, Good Credit also offers business and finance advice on its blog.

The business loan from Good Credit is without liability or guarantors, only you have to guarantee it.